Blog 4

This week was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot. Tuesday I got to go to the Botanical Garden for an out of class activity. During this activity we had to think about nature in different ways. We had to compare a building or a jacket to a tree. My group and I brainstormed, and we said both can protect you from the environment. Another part of the activity was to think of products we use in our field and come up with alternatives. We chose clothing dye. Some of the clothing dye we use now is toxic and ends up in oceans or rivers. We came up with natural clothing dye from plants or leaves. I learned a lot from doing this activity, and now I think of nature in a whole new way.


On Thursday we did a design slam. Each learning community had a problem related to our field, and we had to come up with solutions. Our problem was “every year kids and parents have to buy a new backpack”. The backpack either falls apart, or the child wants a new and improved backpack. Our solution was the Everlasting Bags. Our line will have backpacks, lunch boxes, and other bags of all sizes. These bags will be sustainable, and will also be able to be disposable in a way that’s better for our environment. Our bags will be made of Cordura, a strong nylon fabric. This fabric has rip-stop, long lasting durability, resistance to abrasions, tears, and scuffs, and is used in military wear. They will be useful to consumers because they will be able to use them for a long time, and not have to spend more money each year. These bags would not be fast fashion. They would be sustainable because we could make the bags out of plastic bottles and other recycled materials.


We had to individually vote on other learning communities problem and solution. I liked group two and five. Group two was called “Shop local and engage.” Their problem was the fashion industry has a negative impact on the environment. Their solution was a sustainable marketing campaign. They would put a section in a local boutique where they would sell other local merchandise. The store would have a social media contest where the winner could name the section. The store would also offer to add stiches or patches to your old clothing that you brought in.


Group 5 was called “A sustainable storefront”. The problem was to design a storefront that appeals to older adults. They had many solutions. They would put Raven Windows in the store, and these windows conserve energy and tints themselves. The store would have a Sunbrella awning fabric, which produce zero waste. They would also have a rainwater catch system that would water their plants, and a recycled local glass window.


I can tie these two activities we did this week by saying we had to think outside of the box. Both activities had problems, and we had to come up with more sustainable solutions.

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