People and Sustainability

Before I gained a better understanding of the issue, I ignored the fact that the planet will not last forever, that is if we do not make a rapid change in the way the world operates. Today, there are wicked problems associated with industrial practices of humans, but what does this mean? This means that there are very complex and intricate problems associated with the way that the world operates, but because of the complexity of these problems, they are often difficult to solve. They are made easier to understand due to the six characteristics which include vague problem definitions, variable solutions, solutions have no endpoint, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches and are urgent. The term “sustainability” is key way of how to keep the planet alive. It is simply an intergenerational responsibility of using the planet’s resources without destroying them for future purposes. After watching the film “The 11th Hour” and reading the excerpt about Easter Island, I gained a better understanding of the term sustainability. The film “The 11th Hour” discusses how we can make an effort to change the way we do things and has solutions, but why aren’t we using these solutions? This is because it is hard to solve these problems completely without effecting someone else. For example, these solutions may seem easy, but they could have downsides to them such as the extreme costs to make them a reality. The Easter Island reading emphasized the importance of sustainability or the lack of it, in their case. The people of Easter Island were connected to nature tightly, but soon became greedy and ignorant to the fact that they could live the way that they did. Long story short, they eventually used up of their resources on the island without using sustainable practices and all died. The fight starts now to help diminish the wicked practices that we have as inhabitants of earth. We have to have a wakeup call and all do our part by using more sustainable practices as individuals. An example of this could be as easy as recycling a plastic water bottle versus throwing it in the trash. We all must change the way we do things or pay the price with our planet. 


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