Becoming More Mindful

In my group We read about the benefits of mindfulness for subjective well-being. We talked about subjects that actively meditated every day so as to improve their social life and their family relations. Since then I have read several articles that agree that practicing mindfulness in ways such as meditation or simply calming your mind at the end of the day shows positive results in all aspects of life. Over the last 2 weeks at the end of my day I try to sit on my bed and focus on what is happening around me to calm my mind.  Each day I practice meditation it gets easier to block everything out and focus on my inner thoughts. Being able to just stop and reflect on my day has helped me to be more mindful and aware of my surroundings and be more compassionate and aware to others. I hope to make meditation a permanent Routine   in my day

                After learning about paradigms and what they are and looking at my life I realized that I, just like everyone, sees the world through a cognitive filter that is made up of my beliefs. I had never really focused on how I saw things and why I thought of things as I did. I think why some wicked problems are so hard to try and solve and find solutions for is because each person sees the world in a different way. It is impossible for people from different backgrounds and different beliefs to look at a problem and come to the same conclusion when we each think differently because of our own paradigms. For the reading of Are Western values ethics and dominant paradigms compatible with sustainability I was a part of the yes team. After reading the yes article I found that the author argues that there is a need for positive globalization but only if both sides can agree and for globalization to benefit there have to be rules in place to make sure that everyone gets equal say an opportunity. I found with the free and open market it would be easy to know what resources are becoming scarcer by looking at the fluctuation of prices. If resources are in short supply the price will be higher than resources that are more abundant. Companies that are driven to make the most money and spend the least amount of money in the end would promote using resources that were cheaper and more abundant than using resources that were scarce and more expensive. And therefore, companies will be less likely to waste precious resources. Countries that are less developed produce a lower amount of waist, but they also do not have the technology to reduce the waste that they create. Globalization would also give small companies The same opportunities as big companies. Small companies would be able to grow and explore new tech ideas across the world without having to establish entities in other countries.  I think that Positive globalization would be good because it would allow for an open market, promote free trade, and increase the standards of living across the globe. Globalization will allow for the world to become more sustainable as well as increase the access to new ideas two complex problems.

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