An action of a small figure to influence a population

As I grow older, I understand that there are many issues which cannot be solved in a day or two. I wonder a lot and think about what I can do to solve the issue. Social media is a double-edged sword which can kill a person because of false information, but it can also raise awareness about social issues, or sometimes, turning into wicked problems. Beside studying in class and doing homework, I spend a substantial amount of time on social media. I used them to catch up on the news and interact with friends. I start to follow more social pages such as Chnge, Impact, and learn about issues that haven’t been solved. I feel hurt when reading about issues such as hunger, abuse, and rape.  I’m a person who gets emotional very easily and there is one time when I decided to watch a Korean movie called “Hope”.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, hope is referred to as “to want something to happen or be true” but what happened shattered my heart and made me cry unstoppably. I was just a young teenager watching a movie out of curiosity. I didn’t consider rape as a big issue but I think that this should be taken care of carefully because I do not want to read stories about children, students being rape. I feel angry, hopeless to see this issue perpetuated while nothing significant has been done.What I have done is just share these stories to my account to spread out the information. Yet, this action is not enough to solve the issue. As a wicked problem itself, it is crucial to change the thinking pattern of the whole population. Many people have a mindset that victims are also responsible but they have never fully understood what the victims have been through. Education therefore is very important to teach people that it is never the victim’s fault, even if they are drunk, wearing revealing clothes. When people sign up for any social media, they agree to adhere to the policies of these apps, technically saying they are giving consent to the developer. This is the same for any sexual activity so if a person said yes, they agree to be involved and any other form such as maybe, I’m not sure, it is still a no. I have said that sharing these stories are not enough but they somewhat help more people to notice the issues and raise their voice so that the stories will be resolved. I don’t hate the society that I grew up with but the idea and mindset has slightly restricted me to be involved in social issues. I don’t know about protests and ways that I can take action. Until now, I still feel quite hesitant to go to protests or donate to organizations because I am still afraid that my mom would not give me consent to do so. I don’t really know when I became an introverted person. I feel more comfortable staying alone, doing work by myself and only talking to several friends. This has probably restrained me from trying out new ideas, being more socialized and having the courage to join social events. I’m a very thoughtful person, sometimes even thinking negatively. My mind often has questions like “what if I tried this?” “what would the result be when I tried this out?” I’m very curious and often want to try new ideas but I often feel hesitant mainly because I have a very small social circle and often quite afraid to try large projects. It is true that raping is a wicked problem and will continue to be if people do not take appropriate action. Personally, I have had an idea to do a social experiment about the fear of being rape for different group of people. This will help me to get honest responses from different people and therefore I can create some educational lessons to somewhat shift the thinking pattern of the population. However, initiating a social experiment alone will be difficult so one alternative option would be using my artistic abilities to draw a comic and raise awareness about the wicked issue of rape. I will take advantage of my platform to raise awareness about issues like this to help people to understand the severity as well as encouraging victims to raise their voice and advocate for changes. If one person starts to take care about this issue, more people will feel encouraged and they will begin to do so. In Vietnamese, there is an idiom, which directly translates to “together we can change the world” and it is true. One person cannot create any significant impact but if a ton of people are willing to help, it will definitely have a big impact and start to decipher the puzzle. Throughout the course, I learn more about wicked problems in which at first I only think about them as difficult subjects that we are trying to find an answer for but it is a lot more complex. I have also got to learn about mindfulness which can help me to de-stress while also being attentive to my surroundings. I might reach out to friends that have the same idea of resolving these wicked problems and we can potentially start a series of educational posts about wicked problems such as hunger, climate change or pollution. After a long, tiring day, most people would want to relax but I hope by creating some fun, comical videos, people would be able to be educated about social issues while surfing through their social media. Since I get chances to use social media, I will take advantage of it to promote my educational series and create a positive influence in my social circle. Since most people I follow on social media are my friends and family, I will be able to freely give out my opinion and receive constructive feedbacks for future posts. I realize that I do not need to do something big, overwhelming to initiate changes but I can use my current platform, as well as my knowledge to educate people about wicked problems. It would not cost me anything so the only thing I need to do is invest my time to actually start a project of some sort. Many people, including me, would wait for other people to start something, before they begin to do the same thing. In my opinion, the earlier we can start on doing something, the quicker it will get solved. For example, global warming and climate change has been an ongoing issue and although the government and the people have been aware of it through the news, experts or movies such as The 11th Hour, no significant changes have been made. For many wicked problems, they have been detected in the early stage, or at least when the problems weren’t getting worse, but there is no action being done which makes the problem become worse, until the point when it will take a long long time to solve it. For issues such as climate changes and global warming, if some sufficient actions were made, the problem would have lessened and maybe not become irreversible. People often say they understand these ongoing issues around them but a lot of people are still too hesitant to take action. If one person takes action, many more will do so and finally, it is not difficult to shift the thinking and acting patterns of a whole population. There are many issues such as social or environmental issues and if we don’t take care of it, the consequences will be big. 

“When we all talk about “saving the environment” in a way it’s misstated because the environment is going to survive. We are the ones who may not survive. Or we may survive in a world we don’t particularly wanna live in.” (Kenny Ausubel, The 11th Hour)

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