Sustainability !

When I first took this class, I did not know anything about sustainability. I just thought that maybe that it’s just crazy that we learn about this in school. As I said in my last blog where I come from, we do not ever learn about anything about sustainability. So, when coming to Oklahoma State University it was a huge shock to me that there was such a thing. After being in the class Wicked Problems I learned so much about sustainability and what fast fashion is doing to our world. The fact that we go most of our early years just thinking that what we buy in the stores is good for the environment when that little shirt we bought from our favorite store could just be a small aspect of the problem that is happening to our rivers from the dye of whatever the shirt is colored. I know from my experience that I just thought there was not much bad about shopping at H&M or even Shein since everyone was doing it plus its very trendy. Wicked Problems class has showed me that we are the change in the world even though we might think we are not making a difference in the world we are slowly just in the sense of it starts somewhere and we are the change. I really believe that if we are mindful we will succeed in whatever plan we have.

Coming from such a small town we did not really expect to know these things ever. I personally did not even know what it truly was until I switched my major to fashion merchandising. We learn that fast fashion is something that is taking this world by storm and ruining our environment just as fast. I personally did not even think making apparel would do this much damage besides being in the land fields while that it will not decompose. Being in wicked problems has taught me a lot that I do not even know but will be more aware of from now on. Thinking about what we can do to change the way that sustainability should run this world. Many people in the world are not educated or just do not even know about all the issues there are ranging from sweat shops to rivers in China being the new color of the upcoming new fast fashion trend that can kill the wildlife. Most Americans today if you asked them what sustainability meant they would not even know how to answer it. They might think of saving energy by turning off their lights or even saving water. Yes, this helps with the issue a little bit but does not fix the big picture. We should educate the everyday Americans so that they do not just think that this is just a trend that is just in style now to just make the world a lot greener friendly, which in all reality is a great idea, but it is not even close to what needs to happen. In my heart I have learned a lot about what it does to our planet, it truly scares me that we might have to live in a world where it’s truly gross just because we did not want to help the change. The fact that we buy things such as apparel and do not think twice of what it had to go through to get where it is today. The fact that we are ruining the planet just by dyeing clothes is just crazy to me. I feel that we should be working with the people that make our clothes to see what we could do to better help with what they go through on a daily. I do believe that they should get paid for what it is worth to make our clothes and that would only be right to the people.

From learning from sustainability, it has really opened my eyes that we must really make sure that I really think about environment instead of thinking about just having the most upcoming item that I think that I must have. There are so many things that we think we have to have but in reality, we should be sticking to slow fashion, yes, it’s something that none of us want to wait for it but in the end, it will make the world a much safer place. Around campus we have a lot of recycling bins that people do use, but it’s just more of a habit at this point. I feel that if we were to do the same thing with teaching people it will become more of a habit. I believe that the world be changed by a lot if they would just educate the world and be more aware of what we are doing to it. Coming from a small town as like I was in we were really didn’t learn about all that stuff. I think we should start small such as local and rural areas to get them on board with all that.

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