“Life has taught me so much”

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome” said Arthur Ashe. What do these quotes mean to you? Let me tell you what it means to me, Success is a journey we all live to desire but success comes with obstacles and bumps in the road, but what we do to get to success is our own success and accomplishment, we all have a different destination that takes us down a road with many things that block our way, yet we always make an impact on that journey and reach our goals.  As I learn in my journey I discover new things, meet amazing people, learn so much, and try new things I never knew would help me a lot. In my first year as a freshman, I knew college was gonna be hard and how much stress I would be under. As I began my first semester I never took Wicked problems seriously, I thought the meditation was boring and the class was just a waste of my time. I actually learned that meditation is to engage in contemplation or reflection, even when meditating for so long time or even just ten minutes helps relieve any stress that’s built up in the mind and body. And to engage in mental exercises, such as concentrating on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness. This not only focuses on one thing but many things, for example, mental health, stress, anxiety, concentration, helps you feel relaxed in a state of mind even if it makes you sleepy also but it makes you feel at ease and calm your nerves and feel as one.

Wicked Problems is about “Sustainability challenges are often referred to as wicked problems… a complex issue that defies complete definition, for which there can be no final solution since any resolution generates further issues, and where solutions are not true or false or good or bad, but the best that can be done at the time. Such problems are not morally wicked, but diabolical in that they resist all the usual attempts to resolve them.” In life, we learn about complex problems through contemplative practice and develop a compassionate curiosity about multiple ways of knowing about wicked problems. We live a life that we take for granted and do not realize it, we have only a small amount of lives to live, we take life for a granted cause we do things that aren’t giving back to the world, we can build so many houses to live, take up so much land, bring gases down to the environment causing bipolar weather, we use so many products in life that harm the ecosystem, and we mostly are greedy. We live a life where we need money to pay bills, and money to spend but that money we are using come from the earth, we take so much from the world and we never realize it, we have such a small amount of time in life that we don’t even care about. I never realized how much we use and take from the world, the makeup we put on our faces, the materials we use, the things we buy, the things we cannot get rid of or burn cause it stays, the items we use, and the buildings week build, so much if this has taken the land. Yes, we do need a place to live but can we not give back and plant what we took from the ecosystem and give back to the earth, and be able to have what we took by repaying our respect among the world. These are the things we do not realize as a society we did not know about any of this going on cause we never stopped and take a few seconds or a minute to realize “Hey how am I helping the environment by taking from it and not giving back”, we rely on a society where we let the world do whatever they want and how they want to do it, look at the things around and take a second and realize what certain things took to build that certain items you are looking at. The things we build and use are what are polluting the world and causing our ecosystem to change, also the businesses that compete against each other for a certain item raised their standards high and gave them a higher profit cause that certain item or object gave them the power to become greedy and pollute our water and lands with their corporation. Let me give you an example of big business industry that we make trades with, is China, China is known for its best advertisements in giving us wonderful objects and electronics, etc. China’s lands are polluted cause their corporation’s profits are high and they live off these certain profits, so China could never change their ways cause they live off everything they build, and if they were to stop what or where would China be then? Most of us can’t change but most of us can make a stand and a difference in the world, as a young student in the Fashion production I took faced the challenge that my garments will be produced from chemicals and materials but I will find various ways that I can contribute and develop a safer way and possible way to give back to the environment. Because I was taught “Life is a precious thing, don’t take every bit of it for granted. Cause you never know when life is coming to end.” 

I hope future students like me with different majors see this and realize we are the future and we can make a difference when we take action and speak up and are willing to find a sustainable way to live in a better and healthier environment not only us but also for our kids and their future kids to. In life, everything is a lesson to us even if we heard or seen it before, each chapter of our lives we see things that teach us the meaning of life, and the things we hear set inside of our minds and repeated telling us “The world is what YOU think of it, so think of it DIFFERENTLY and your life will change.”, and I want you all to remember this quote cause what do you think of the world and so think of it differently with everyone contributing to giving back to life and understanding the meaning of it, and another thing your life may change each chapter and it will make the journey feel like your going down a road you don’t like but you will soon understand a certain change in the world will have a great impact on all of our lives. So as you grow to think about the meaning of life, and your journey, reflect back on the advice I have given you, and please consider the information I have given you meaning, and also a lesson. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Thank you for your time!


About kristinajholmesokstateedu

Hi! My name is Kristina Jo Holmes and my pronouns are she/her. I am a freshman and I am majoring in Fashion Design and Production. Thank you!
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