On The Path To Understanding Sustainability

The articles that we have read in class so far have made me realize a lot about sustainability in my life. I had never really thought about sustainability in the fashion world like I do now. The Easter Island article really put it into perspective about what we could eventually do to our planet if we do not think of ways to change how we live today. Being the generation that is about to join the workforce we need to help and create new ideas as much as we can.

In the Thinking Ahead article, it was all about how people process thinking about the future in different way. It is hard not to be pessimistic when thinking about how the human race is ruining the earth. But it is our job to get creative and challenge ourselves to be sustainable.

It is only the beginning week 3 of this class and I am already changing little things I do to become more suitable and help the earth. I am looking forward into learning more about our planet and how we can all help.

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