Blog for week 8

As we discussed many times the subject of biomimicry in class, the readings I made lately brought up new challenges that are facing this concept. Indeed, we as designers tend to limit ourselves to superficial considerations when it comes to mimicking nature. We lack some expertise from biologists that could make a huge difference in the outcome of our project. Also, as a bad practice we might only focus ourselves on a natural organism without incorporating its relationship with its surroundings in our design process. It is nice to have sustainable buildings, but what if the built environment around is working against their supposedly lasting sustainable effect? I found interesting how the article ” Biomimetic approaches to Architectural design for increased sustainability” broke down different steps to a more efficient biomimetic design. The organism, behavior and ecosystem levels are in the image of what every existing being is: the identity (core), the function (outer part) and the relationship it has with the surroundings. It also provides countless inspiration for design.
Furthermore, the article about emphatic design touches one of the many aspects of what is architecture: building spaces that resemble their users. Indeed, we do not realize how architects and interior architects have the power to define behaviors or more globally shape lives. We as humans are constantly in interaction with our surroundings. They exchange something with us and we in return do the same thing. Emphatic design which requires designers to put themselves into the shoes of their clients has a more intimate approach to what spaces represents. How can we propose design that brings troubles, disrupts to someone’s reality and pretend it is a good design? Good design is not about fantasies, complications but essentially should come as the completion to someone life. To accomplish that thorough research need to be conducted in order to get heavily acquainted with the clients’need.

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