I’m a changed person

Wow, my definition or view of “sustainability” has definitely changed! In the beginning of this class, I really didn’t think I had much to do with the big picture. I also thought everyone was just trying to scare me into believing this crazy story about global warming and “sustainability” was just another marketing term used to trick me into buying someone’s product, but at the end of the day I didn’t think anyone was allowed to club baby seals to make things, or do anything bad to the environment, to make products…boy was I wrong, about so many things… Things are in much worse shape than I would have thought! Global Warming IS REAL, and yes, even I contribute to the problem! Thinking back to the first week of this course and comparing it to how I see things today, I believe I now have a deeper understanding of “sustainability.” I now see sustainability holistically. Sustainable choices like reducing, reusing, recycling, and upcycling resources, must continually be made by everyone, to make this world a better place. At first it took practice, but now it has became like an obsession for me. I get frustrated all the time by weird little things that I never would have even thought of before. Now it’s not about needing to recycle a water bottle, now I need to find a better solution for everything! I can’t use a plastic bag to cleanup my little doggie’s mess when I’m out walking her because it is NOT sustainable to put that in a plastic bag and put it in the trash! Yep, I now think about EVERYTHING differently!

Sustainable Design for me, will involve taking the lessons I have learned in this course and implementing them. This class has changed the way I want to design. I will design sustainably. I will reuse items. I will calculate the carbon footprint when designing something new. I will NOT abuse mother nature or take her for granted. I sincerely think the class is still too “sugar coated” and we should see more truth on how awful our industries are to the environment.

One important thing I learned during this course was to alter my behavior. I have even managed to get a few others to start doing a few things differently as well, but not nearly to the same point I have. Some people in my house think I’m taking things a bit too far, that’s how I know I’m making changes that count! I have always recycled when the city I lived in provided the service for free. So, it didn’t cost me anything. Well, here’s the thing, NOT recycling cost’s us MORE, SO MUCH MORE! Changes have now been made at our house. We recycle, even though the city doesn’t provide a free service. Also know, there is a little more work involved with recycling, but you’ll be a much less trashy person for it! J Most of us in the house separate the things that can be recycled, rinse them, and put them in the specific bin. I catch everything else that I can in the trash, then wash it, and put it where it belongs. Now another cool part, my father lives with our family, (should also point out, I’m an older, non-traditional student with a family) and he has taken on the chore of taking the recyclables to the recycling center, after my teenage daughter loads it all up for him! So, yeah, we’re kind of making this a family thing! The best part, you would not believe how much trash we have cut down on!!! I continue to make other changes to. I no longer turn on my curling iron or flat iron before I blow dry my hair. WHY did I do this before??? Think they take about a minute to heat up. I was terrible! I try not to blow dry my hair very often at all. I am now upset that the hot water heater is so far from everything. We waste so much water waiting for it to warm up! Terrible! I want to change so many things! I have quit shopping so much. I have too much stuff.

I still have so much to learn! I want to learn more about solar panels! I was recently at a convention in Las Vegas and asking a vendor questions about solar panels, but felt like they could only answer questions for people in California or highly populated areas. What about us? We still use power and we could still feed power into the lines, right? I want to learn about heating our own water at home from the sun! Why not in the hot Oklahoma summers?! And I want you to read about my inventions, when I invent sustainable things!!!

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