Blog 9

Hunger is a main issue within America and all over the world. Once reason, I think, that hunger is an issue is because people have forgotten about the art of gardening and self-sustaining. Even though there are people living in the middle cities, they can still do a little gardening. Apartments have windows, one solution that apartment dwellers could utilize is window gardens. They could grow herbs, or other small produce to have a fresh source of food. Not only is it good for food purposes, but great for the person’s health. If the person lives in a house with a small backyard, then they could grow larger produce such as potatoes and corn to be more efficient and self-sustainable. Fresh produce and herbs are healthier for you then produce from a farm that have had chemicals on them. Hopefully, I can inspire people to create small gardens so they can be more self-sustaining and less dependent on the grocery stores for produce.

Furniture is basically created by human capital. The way people use to make furniture is different and not as natural as it once was. Before mass production was created, people made furniture the hard way by making the tools that were needed and also made them by hand.

During my carbon footprint habbits, my stomach and hands were the only big things. My stomach was large because I eat a lot of meat. It told me that I should not eat meat so much. I am going to eat meat whenever I please and I do not think that because I eat meat the CO2 levels are going to be super high. It is natural. My hands are large because my dryer does not dry my clothes the first time and I have to run them again. I would hang them up to dry, but I do not have a place to do that. I do not drive to work most of my days because my work is 5 minutes away and there is no use wasting that gas or letting those emissions into the air.

Pomping is one of the most unsustainable practices an organization can have. Sororities and fraternities waste the tissue paper by throwing it in the trash and not recycling it. The chicken wire that the pomp goes into is thrown away and the houses could possibly make money off of that. However, the houses do recycle that steel piping they use as the frame of the deck. My advice it to team up and do not goof off. If people are working as a team, then they are most likely to not mess up, but if the partners are goofing off and not paying attention, then pomp is wasted because it is thrown in the trash and ultimately ends up in a land field.

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