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At the start of this class I was not quite sure what sustainability was all about, I just thought it was about recycling and the different items that you can and cannot recycle. I did not know much about what sustainability was other than it was just a way of being environmentally conscious. Most of these ideas came from the internet and the news. Other ideas came from classes that I have previously taken and what people talk about on campus. Although, knowing the basics of recycling and the good and bad items that can and cannot be recycled there are many different aspects that go into sustainability.

There were many different theories that were used throughout the course of the class. One of the theories that was talked about was biomimicry. This theory was a way for designers to take aspect from nature and design something from it. Some designs of bridges and buildings come from the structures of nature, in the vines of trees and leaves. Another theory that was talked about was empathic design, this theory is designing a product that was designed for someone by looking through that person’s view. Both of these theories that we talked and learned about was enlightening to me because I did not realize that these were way that you design and can look at things in the world. There are so many design inspirations that come from just living our everyday lives. Learning about biomimcry was inspirational and interesting to me. It gave me a different outlook when we went to the botanical gardens here in Stillwater. I had the chance to look around and see the trees, flowers and benches in a different way. The trees at the garden were placed strategically in rows so that people could use them for hammocks and other things. Learning about empathic design gave me a different outlook on ways to design stores and the visual aspect of merchandising. When you are designing for people you should try to put yourself in their position and design with them in mind. I had to use this theory when I did my LOLA show and it was fun for me to do because I got to come up with a merchandising strategy for a store using the empathic design theory.

Throughout the class time I was able to learn so much, knowing what I know now I would like to know more about the different ways that people design with biomimicry. This theory seems to be one that is becoming more and more popular. It is most interesting to me because it is taking two very different fields and making them work together. I learned many things from this class, I do not think I could have expected to learn much more from it. I learned there are many aspects of sustainability not just the obvious ones.

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