Blog 8

I found the healthcare design Lola shows very interesting. The first one was about how biophilia helps improve healthcare. They had come up with led lights that looked like skylights. These designs were put in hospital rooms that didn’t have access to outside. This helps patients feel more comfortable and reduces anxiety. These lights create a “natural light” where there normally wouldn’t be any natural light. The next show was about visual connection with nature. I found this one interesting because of my own experiences. Every time I go into nature I feel so much better. It’s like being outside and connecting with nature recharges my batteries. This presentation was about having views of nature in a hospital. They do this by implementing windows or television screens in a hospital with views of nature. The second way they do this is by implementing indoor healing gardens. These are easily accessible by patients and help with their healing process because studies have shown great benefits. The last presentation was over water in healthcare facilities. I found this concept interesting because most of it was based on how this would help family in waiting rooms. She also touched on benefits to patients. I know from the times I’ve spent waiting in hospitals it can be very depressing and hard to sit in these rooms. One hospital I’ve been to and seen this implemented is M.D. Anderson Cancer hospital in Houston Texas. They implement tons of aquariums throughout the hospital. Being there first hand I can tell you that these things do help even if it’s just to take your mind of things for a while, while you watch the fish swim around.

The reading over design for change was very interesting and takes me back to some of my first DHM classes. The first part talks about designing for basic human needs such as warmth and protection. Then it goes into how we can fulfill these needs and still be sustainable for example using organic cotton and things like that.

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