Final Blog- DHM 4573

Final Blog DHM 4573


Sustainability to me is making good decisions in your own personal day to day life to be thoughtful of the earth and protect it as much as possible. I really never fully understood how hard we are on our earth and how much it does for us for free that we take so much advantage of. Sustainable design is keeping in mind how things will impact the environment, in going forward with design that will have more Cradle to Cradle lifecycles. So many things are only worn or used a few time and that is the end of the cycle, they don’t break down and they fill up our landfills. I think I have a better understanding of these two meanings, then I did in the beginning of the semester. I had didn’t really grasp how bad things are and we are the ones who can change it. So if I didn’t fully grasp how bad it was, just think how others should be more informed on the decisions they make.

I think that all around we need to practice reusing more of what we already have and learn to utilize things in different ways. We took a test at the beginning of the semester and it was a big eye-opener for me to see how un-sustainable I really am. Where we live there isn’t a place to recycle, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take it somewhere to have it recycled.


I like the idea of cradle to cradle, this keeps in-cycle not just going from a use to an end. Using waste as a resource is an ideal move for us, we need to use what we already have. We need to have more recycling loops to keep it from collapsing. We need to practice having a no waste economy, instead of using raw virgin materials we need to utilize what we already have at hand. Gathering and using energy efficiently, we could learn a lot about this from plants.  We too should use an external, renewable source of energy, specifically current sunlight solar, wind, tidal, and biodiesel forms of power all rely on current sunlight. Using materials sparingly, we love to have all the new things. This generation uses everything to the max it may be the, dishwasher, washer, computer, TV this list could go for days.  Extending a products life cycle and using it less would help us out in the long run.

We watched a Ted talk about Bakeys edible cutlery this was a very interesting informational video, he went outside of the box with this invention. He made cutlery that was all edible, instead of using plastic cancer causing cutlery. There is a 120 billion plastic cutlery disposed of in India every year. He can make this just as cheap as plastic ones, the whole thing can be ate. 10 teds, they talk about all different designs to minimize waste of lots of garments that are being mass produced. I don’t think I realized how bad things we do on a daily basis really are, we could change just simple things and it would make a huge impact.

We talked about biomimetic approaches to architectural design for sustainability. This give us an inspirational source of possible new innovation for a more sustainable way of design. This building design mimic living organisms, this is great for us this is very smart. When we look to nature on how to design new structures, it helps us have more useful features to the elements. Like the example of how the building works in the same way as a termite, it produces hydrogen efficiently through meta-genomics. The forms of building may mimic the ecosystem an animal lives in, there are reason why animals live like they do it protects them from harsh elements and Mother Nature.

I think the neatest thing for me this and what left me wanting to learn more was how much the earth does for us for free. There is a reason for every animal and every single thing that was put here on our earth. To think that a little spider can make 6 different types of silk? That’s crazy and amazing to me. Beetles can detect a fire from 80 KM away, animals have so much more senses then we do. Nature can do everything we need in this world, if you will watch it the answer is right there in front of our eyes.

Overall I enjoyed this class, this made me understand sustainability and things I can do to make a difference. If we can spread the word little by little with the trickle effect from all the students in the class, this can make huge changes. You have already made me be more conscious about purchases I make and my day to day choices.

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