A Choice.

Every day we have a choice to do better and visiting places like the sustainability office, the upholstery shop, and the recycling center on my campus shows me how and why I should recycle. The sustainability office showed my class what recycling can really do, and that’s help them save and receive money. Another way they save money is by using wind power, this wind power powers 72% of my campus.

The upholstery shop showed me that we need to be more mindful of the products we use daily and that when they have been worn down they can still be reupholstered and not just thrown away.

I think this is something to keep in mind when looking at Easter Island. This is a place where a civilization was blinded and reached beyond their means. They chopped down the trees and were not prepared for the type of the food or farming that the island provided so they were faced with starvation and war.

I am learning about the waste from construction projects and how we can minimize this.

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