What does it take?

After hitting the topic on mindfulness and sustainability during class, I have been able to focus more on myself and certain topics that are occurring all around us. What does mindfulness mean? Mindfulness is bringing attention to present day experiences, reducing emotional habits, and meditating. This brings awareness to what we are doing while also relieving stress and impacting our views on sustainable behavior. During class on Tuesday and Thursday we got to meditate for at least 5 minutes each day. It was nice because I have never actually tried to meditate, but professor Armstrong made it very intriguing. The hardest part was focusing on my breathing as well as trying not to fall asleep. These exercises made me more calm and we got to learn more on why mindfulness is great for our well-being. Some benefits include people being happier being in the present, reduction on pain and anxiety, improve social relations with family and friends, having a greater sense of clarity, and reduces the constant focus on income. With sustainability I was really not sure what that meant honestly. Looking up a simple definition, it means to maintain a process at a steady level for as long as desired. With this definition I take this as having a steady income, and way of living. While discussing sustainability, we talked more in depth about having what we need now without destroying it and running out of resources in our future. In our in class discussion, we talked on how we have gotten comfortable with what we have now and believe that we need more, more, AND MORE. With this kind of mindset we are only destroying our surroundings and with no doubt our own way of thinking. We are so caught up with our image and the way we are perceived that we forget where our roots are. Getting able to meditate for those five minutes in class left me with a humble mindset and had me thinking about myself and the ways I can change the way I do things. If we could all just meditate once a day for five minutes I know it could lead to better outcomes within ourselves and our world. One bad habit that I have noticed back at home is that we buy a lot of food and usually our goods go to waste because we do not eat it before it goes bad. I know this is an issue in a lot of households as well and I can only imagine how much waste is being produced per day. This is one thing that I want to change in my household and show my parents that we don’t need to buy mass amount of food if we are just going to let it sit there to rot. I know change can be done in our world, the only thing that it takes is our sustainability and if we are willing to make a change within ourselves. It takes more than one person to make a difference, and that is what a lot of us are forgetting.

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