The great collapse

This week in class, was very mind opening. The first day when we watched the 11th hour, I realized how serious these dangerous conditions we are living in are. Part of the problem in my opinion, is the people before us didn’t do their job to set an example for the future, which we are not either, but it is harder to do for us since no one before us did it. I also agree with the part in the 11th when they say it’s the politicians fault that we live this way. The politicians are the ones who everyone listen to so if they were to try and make a change or say, make stricter laws, there may be less pollution and deforestation. Another issue is in the fashion industry. People are trying to stay up to date with current trends and are wasting a lot of useful resources when they’re not in style anymore. Fast fashion plays a key role in pollution. Although, interior design styles are also a major issue in today’s society. Fast fashion applies to interior design in the aspect of fabrics. People kill animals every day to make fabric for clothing and furniture and when that animal print goes out of style, we throw it out and waste an entire animal life which is also leading to extinction. Another issue that was brought to my attention this week was the decrease of oil and gas production. We are using too much gas than the earth can provide causing us to possibly run out in the near future. If we were to maybe turn to electric cars or smarter technologies, we may use less of these resources so they will last longer. 

In the 2nd class, we talked about Easter Island and the collapse. I chose during the debate to sit on the side for agreeing they could’ve avoided the problems they faced. I think they could’ve been easily avoided because if they would’ve planned ahead and made a plan for the future, they wouldn’t have run out of resources they need to survive. I can also see where the people that disagree stand because we are facing the same situations now and we struggle although they had a lot less people back then so it would’ve been easier to get people to abide by their ideas or rules. 

I think this week has been a very informative week for everyone in class because when we watched the 11th hour, hearing people of knowledge explain today’s worldly issues, it kind of makes you step back and look at the bigger picture. It makes me scared for what is to come for our earth and I truly hope something is figured out soon before it is too late. These issues become more serious by the day and nothing is being done about them to try and make a change. I feel that if our president were to become more aware of what’s going on and put in his input, people would listen and start to help our earth instead of harm it.

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