Creating a Culture to…Destroy Us?

Five Minutes of mindfulness seems silly. Closing your eyes, focusing on your breathing, letting go of thoughts and worries as you watch them pass by like traffic on a freeway. I’ve always tried to convince myself to sit down and commit to meditation, but, as most things go, I couldn’t force myself to do it until it was an assignment. As the focus was now completely on myself and my surroundings instead of whichever new assignment was being laid upon me, something changed. It was as if I was floating between clouds of thought, passing between sounds of creaking doors and strange cat-like noises. It’s been easier to hold onto bad memories and thoughts than to simply let them go by and be left alone. It was nice to finally let things go and slowly teach myself to not stress abut the little things as much as usual. Mindfulness has taught me simple things that I forgot over the busy times in my life, but it also opened my mind to new ideas as well.

During our discussions this week, we learned that over a period of time, we have created a security blanket of possessions to fill a void of happiness, which is now filling our landfills and oceans with our out of season accessories. Of course, it has not always been like this, but with our advancements in advertising and product placement, new items travels faster than money leaves our pockets. This has caused a major problem as our demands are forever rising, and in return, our planet is forever dying. It seems crazy for our culture to change so much to think that necessities are now brand new phones and a rotating wardrobe with every new season.

I came into this class knowing that it will never be good to invest time in fast fashion, as well as anything that is a one-use product. As an avid reader about the minimalist mindset, some of the same principles of mindfulness cross with minimalism as they give you the power to break away from the items in your life that hold you back. However, I assumed that it had everything to do with the fact that we, as a human race, are greedy and enjoy being a “top-tier tycoon”, but in reality, our need for everything under the sun is now built into us from years of being brainwashed into buying possessions that are believed to be enhancing our lifestyles.

With this culture now imbedded into the makings of a human, it seems almost impossible to tamper with the idea of creating a world where we don’t need things to show our worth to others as well as ourselves.

For a small step in the right direction, the article also gave ideas as to how to limit our use in these possessions, such as taking the bus instead of driving, renting books from the library instead of buying a single copy, and even investing in more sturdy and long-lasting products instead of using items once and trashing them. It may seem hopeless as we near a drastic time in our planet’s cycle, but if we can learn mindfulness and find solutions to reverse what we created, we just might make it.

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