Mother Natures Biggest Fans

The reading over the market and governments planned roles in sustainability covered two arguments pertaining to probable actions that citizens or corporations might have to make. I tended to agree with the “yes” argument provided by Paul Krugman. This theory would place incentives to companies that made ethical and sustainable choices that should prove to be a win for producers and consumers alike. By placing Cap and Trade systems would limit that amount of carbon emissions factories are allowed to produce reducing carbon emissions that are bad for the atmosphere. As a fashion major the subject of sustainability is constantly being presented and as everyone knows fashion majors love clothes! The problems of sourcing and sustainability make it a little bit harder to feel good about the clothes you wear When only 5% of brands know where all their resources come from how can you be sure?

When asked about a sustainable brand I immediately remembered a project I did last semester in which I found the brand “Reformation”, This brand stuck out to me for their super on-trend fun styles as well as their concerns of not only eco-friendly resources but ethical labor coincide. The online-based site even provides the environmental footprint for each product listed that includes an extensive size range (XXS-3X). I came to appreciate this brand even further as I uncovered more, Reformation takes part in a yearly sustainability report and has claimed to be completely carbon neutral since 2015. The company also knows how to treat every hand that takes part in the process right by proving full benefits and living wages to all workers, incentives to shoppers and much more. All around reformation has made changes to every facet that contributes to the welfare of humans and the environment and continues to make changes to further improvement.

The Wicked problems website has helped me further my navigation of sustainability and ethical issues that Revolve as well as other brands are helping to solve. By providing first-hand accounts with detailed information on each subject. The website includes numerous definitions and explanations making it suitable for any reader. Research provided on the website compares and contrasts multiple phenomena that have attributed to the weakening environment.


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