Innovative Thinkers

This week I was interested to see that the articles went hand in hand with the last week. We discussed how in today’s society, people are still over using resources. The population gets larger and so the demand for needs gets higher. This creates a problem because the Earth can’t keep up with the needs of the people. There isn’t anything that I didn’t really get to share in class but the major takeaways are definitely that I need to use my resources wisely and encourage others to do the same. Our world right now is doing okay but can we just imagine in 10 years? 20 years? 

We always need to be looking towards the future and keep our heads high. We can become better people and a better community when we are looking ahead and figuring out what can be made better now. My dad always taught me when I worked on job sites with him, to find what could be done now to make it easier for the work ahead. This can be applied to the world as a whole. We have many innovative thinkers and people that have the mindset of positive thinkers.

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