Vote Out Poverty

Splitting into our different breakout room, my group immediately agreed with the concept of business investing into poor/impoverished areas to improve. It is helping the poor and depending on how the business invests their money, the impoverished places could start to thrive both environmentally and economically. While we were typing out our answers, I mentioned that this would only work if these companies and businesses had a good moral compass and did not exploit their workers, similar to how Nike manufactures their products in third countries for a cheaper price. We all agreed once again, but we did not go into depth on this issue. Once we typed out the answer on the jamboard, that was it. There was no more discussion because it seemed simple enough. These big brand businesses have enough money to fund and invest in multiple cities where everyone is under the poverty line. Why should they not help? These places are slowly destroying our environment, but it is not their fault our economy and society will not let them advance forward with the rest of society. The majority of the power to help these people are within the 1% of society that have the money. Despite the surface issues coming from companies and businesses, the rooted issue is our morals and what we have to do v.s what we need to do.

Going into morals, everyone knows that business and companies only make decisions that will make them grow both in the company and money wise. It has even happened today, as big corporations start to market on social media and cater their content for the younger generation (I specifically mean us, generation Z.) We know they do not have our best interest, it is only a marketing scheme to make us spend money there. So why do we still fall for it? Knowing all of these companies have the resources to fund/ invest in employment opportunities for people in poverty but they decided not to, how are we repeatedly letting them make us fall for their act? It is easy to point at government officials and state they are the main source of multiple businesses unbalanced power, but we as a society voted them into those positions. Our government system is flawed and should be changed, yet we always work around it. Similar to poverty, the whole system is rigged for these people, but rather than trying to fix the system, we work around it with organizations or volunteer at Food Banks to help them. I am not hating on these organizations as I have stated before, it is not their fault they have to create these organizations to just help people. In a class of designers, we do not have a hand in making certain laws and policies to help people in poverty, but we do have our voice. Oh wow, what a coincidence! Voting is just around the corner and what a better way to voice your opinion than voting for someone that advocates for your morals. Voting is not the only thing we can do as a society to make out voices be heard, but it is the right step into it. Did I write this whole thing paragraph just to tell you to vote? 😉

I think medicating did not calm me down, but rather it has had the opposite effects. When I medicate, I go out and skate around campus, listening to rap music. I do not know if it is the rap music or if medicating has made me in touch with my anger, but this whole week has been a rant-fest for me. It is pretty relaxing afterwards, so maybe it is helping me.

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