Poverty and Mindfulness Mandalas

This week was all about sustainability and poverty. Throughout this week we looked into the debate on how poverty and sustainability interact and affect one another. I read the article that was supporting the argument that sustainability and poverty are connected. The author argues that poverty is responsible for global degradation. I agree that the poverty is a vector of environmental degradation and that poverty caused a deeper poverty perspective. Poverty is a huge problem in our world today, and it effects so many people worldwide. I find it both interesting and incredibly unfortunate that poverty also has such a negative impact on the environment as well as all those struggling to make it through each day. I talked about in our group conversation that bigger corporations should help developing countries with their economic issues and in the long run, help with the environmental degradation all throughout the world. I think that if a company has the means to help out, that they should feel inclined to do so. In the topic of environmental degradation and sustainability, I feel that any help is good, and I think that it would be quite hard to make matters worse than they already are. I do wish that I had talked more about the benefits of helping out developing countries and not just that “it can’t get much worse so they might as well help,” mentality. My major takeaways are that there is so much that we can do to help the environment and while we need big changes for a sustainable thing, no matter how small the changes are they matter. Long story short, we must start trying to run operations in a more sustainable way. Also, a huge problem in the world is poverty, and we must help out and try and fill the divide between the rich and poor.

               Recently I have really been trying to calm my anxiety and find my inner peace. Since the global pandemic has immerged, I have been finding my anxious tendencies hard to keep under wraps. In general, I have just been very on edge and uneasy about the uncertainties in the world. However, each week that I practice mindfulness and meditation I find it easier to calm my mind and relax. Every day I sit in my chair in my room in a relaxed position and let my mind clear and focus on my breathing. I focus on the things that I know I can control, and it helps me relax. This week I really enjoyed the mandala part of our mindfulness session. I have not colored in a very long time and I found it fun to do that again, it feels like I was getting back in touch with my inner little kid. I find that in my busy schedule putting 10 minutes aside everyday has a lot of positive affects on me. Overall, I am more relaxed, and I have been finding myself more at peace in my everyday life.

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