Throughout This Course…

A major thing that I am able to take away from the learning community is trying my best to be mindful of what I am doing. Instead of just throwing something away and not paying attention to the fact that the object might make it in the trash or not, but to pay attention to see if it does. Little acts like that will help clean up the world instead of make it more polluted. After sitting and listening to others talk in class it has taught me that I am not as mindful as I think I am. Sometimes in life we do things and don’t even realise it is polluting our earth and causing more issues rather than solving them. I was also able to think more about sustainability and how I can do things to be more sustainable. Instead of always having to buy a brand new designer piece of clothing, maybe I should try shopping at Goodwill and reusing a piece of clothing that is still in good condition to be used. Sitting and listening to other students talk about what they do or try to do to be more mindful and sustainable made me ponder on how I could go about those things to try my best to be better at it. 

Throughout this whole class my major takeaways from it have been sustainability and mindfulness. It has been these two things, because I think that they are really important things in everyday life and something we need to consider more often. There are a lot of things we as humans do in our everyday life and we aren’t even mindful that we’re doing them. There have been so many times where I’ll be doing something and then not even five seconds later I forgot what I just did, because I am not always very mindful of what I am doing or what’s going on around me. It was interesting to me when we did meditation in class and how much it truly clears your mind and makes you relaxed. I have always struggled with anxiety and it seems like I can never rest my brain, so when we did that and I actually felt a calming sense it was really awesome to me. The more engaged that you are in every moment in life, the more you’re able to feel the emotion during that moment and truly enjoy it. When it comes to sustainability, we as humans could do so many things to try and be more sustainable. Instead of constantly having a mind set of needing to go buy new materialistic things, we could try our best to reuse things we already have. You don’t always have to feel like you need to buy something new, because there are always things that you can find around you that could work just as well or that you could redesign to make work too. 

Something I want to learn more about in the future is Industrialization and how we as humans became fixated on materialistic things. I am curious to know if it is a certain way that our brains are wired to make us feel like we always need to buy something. I think that there is pressure from society and that social media has a big impact with that, but why? When in time and during what generation did this truly start to develop when people started to become so caught up in the newest, biggest, and greatest thing and it made us as humans feel like we need to have those things. It is also interesting to me the science of pollution and what exactly happens to the air and our land with industrialization. I want to know how it affects the layers of the earth and what actually goes on with the chemicals. 

I am able to impact change within my circle of friends and people I know by teaching them new ways to be sustainable. Instead of going with my friends to shop at the mall, I could take them to Goodwill to go shopping. I know people that go to second hand stores very often and they are able to find designer pieces that look just as good as a new piece of clothing. I also always try my best to make sure all lights are off if I’m not in a room and especially when I leave a room. You can help conserve energy if you turn off lights when rooms are unoccupied and unplug things when they’re not being used. My friends always laugh at me because I get a little OCD when it comes to people turning off lights when leaving a room or unplugging a charger when it’s not being used. I have noticed over the years that my best friend has kind of become the same way too. She sees how up tight I am about it, so she always made sure to do those things and now it has become a habit for her. 

Overall with this class and interacting with the learning community it has taught me to come out of my shell. I don’t always choose to talk to new people, because I am a very shy person. I really enjoyed our groups and getting to interact and do projects with people. Being out into groups kind of made me come out of my shell and talk to people and I’m glad I did. Throughout the course I became more comfortable with speaking in front of my groups and the whole class if I got called on. This course also opened my mind to things that are going on in the world that I never took the time to be mindful of. Being more cautious with using or buying things that pollute the earth and focusing on things that I can do to help. Now that I have learned about how badly the choices we make can affect our planet, I am way more cautious with my everyday life choices.  

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