Sustainability, Can you do it?

Have you ever considered how you impact your world? Have you ever sat and thought about what is happening around you and how you could fix it? In this course, I have learned the meaning of a wicked problem and how it is impacting our world. There are many problems going on around us that we can not control but we could do our part to help them dial down. Before this course, I did not consider all the problems going on in the world. We could change our environment and protect our natural resources simply by altering our daily lifestyles. Although to some that may seem pointless. Believe it or not, we are the only ones who could change our wicked problems. If you think “I can not make a difference in the environment.” You are wrong, if people around you see your change people will follow and the people will follow, and so on until the majority of people have started prioritizing a sustainable lifestyle. People have grown used to being consumers of things, and most people have not grown to change that fact. Although people would take time to sit and think about how they can protect and save the resources they have and not throw them all to waste and make better use of all our products. Do you think people would consider it? Do you think more people would turn to a sustainable life? I think if people took the time to realize what they are doing to the environment they should advance in some way. Us consumers have tried over the last few years, for example, so companies and businesses have tried to make a change in plastic waste by starting to use cardboard straws, many drink stores such as Starbucks reduce the use of lids with lips so you don’t need a straw. These little things matter, though they may not be making a huge impact there is still a large amount of plastic waste, it is still a start. With these changes in the companies, many others have followed, just like the ripped effect explained earlier. 

If you take a moment to think of ways you have done something harmful or impacted it in a positive way. What steps could you take to improve your ways of living? Once you understand the wicked problems going on around the world, such as sweatshops, people being forced to work in unacceptable conditions for almost no pay. These clothes are made so cheaply but the price to us consumers is so much better than the expensive brands that we do not even think twice before we buy it, we do not think about whose life we are impacting. So the next time you are online shopping and you find the same top you were wanting for cheaper on another site think before you but it could impact someone’s life. Simple ways to change are just to know about the wicked problems around you. If we work together to enrich the planet and use our natural resources wisely and stop overusing and wasting them could make a big difference in the environment and in the people around the world. 

Our world is continuously changing and evolving. It’s time to take the time to focus on our self needs. Starting to take time to reach the act of mindfulness. This can bring you a big change in your inner peace. This could involve many practices such as meditation, getting better sleep, 

This practice could be five to ten minutes of meditation each day to really clear your mind and connect to your body to start off your day with a positive attitude and open-mindedness. With practice and privatizing meditation into your everyday routine. These meditation practices have many benefits to your mind and your health. For example, they can help you be more positive when thinking, live a better lifestyle, help you sleep better, and help put your mind at ease. This is one way of many things you can do to start your journey to a sustainable life, you can do research on the brands you use and see how they test their produces, are they using natural ingredients, and use a sweat shop to produce their products? These small adjustments and making the small changes to stop the supply and demand to the companies you do not know anything about and knowing where your products are coming from by educating yourself.

Wicked problems around the world are not simple problems they can not be solved overnight as much as we wish they could be. With so many different things going on there is no way to perfectly solve every single problem in every area of the world. People are selfish and put themselves above everyone else needs but they set high standards for themselves and their lives and they force themselves to reach them no matter the cost of others. People with less high lifestyles are more subjective to change and alter their lifestyles for the better and they have more time to bend their schedule, and they do not care as much when it comes to spending their money on expensive things and tend to take better care of their things. Even if society changes it would take time and energy to rebuild our living systems without some sort of outrage, some people are not willing to change the life they have made for themself even if it would benefit someone else life. Althoug if we start to encourage and promote mindfulness and sustainability lifestyle practices eventually people would start to follow as they do with most trends people would see higher-up people partaking in these practices and they would follow shortly after. It would not take that long to get people to adapt their priorities and make a better life for themselves and others around the world. Over time we would not have to worry as much about these wicked problems and we would have a more sustainable world.


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I'm a freshman at OSU! I am majoring in interior design. I love the outdoors and just being in nature and being surrounded by positive energy!
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