Experience has taught me so much

You know sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. Even though this is my second time in Wicked Problems, I never knew sustainability would be about no final solution, resolving to a solution that is not true or false, also good or bad but also attempts to resolve itself. Many great people with wise and strong words educate us to know the meaning of life and how to contribute to those words and how to set an example.

Yesterday in class, we were meditating I have been under a lot of stress lately and we take a ten-minute meditation to relieve stress and anything that has been on our minds, as I sat there I closed my mind and relaxed my body and felt like one. It may make you sleepy but I have found myself stressing a lot lately and I resolved to take a walk and sit down somewhere and look out at the view and feel calmed and relaxed. 

I never knew sustainability would teach us a lot about life, and each aspect in life that show us the damage and pollution in the world, how we can resolve those problems in life, and how we can create a better and healthier environment. 

 As a  young designer about to start my own business, I wanna be aware of my surroundings and be able to give back to the ecosystem and create my work by using a certain material in my garments to that I am not polluting the environment and affecting my worker’s health, and to be sure everyone is in a safer environment. Wicked Problems has shown me a lot in the world that can be taken for granted and how much we can give back and contribute to the world. Not many industries see what they are doing to the environment and how they are causing a big impact on the ecosystem and how that is reflecting on everyone’s daily lives and how our daily life routines affect the environment. In our daily lives, we use fossil fuel to get around, we use electronic use to post, social, update on media, and we throw out things we could use to recycle in life, and contribute that certain material or item and transform it into something better and recreate instead of wasting it. Another example would be a fashion designer who makes garments and the trends, that trend through life and make an impact in society, and that trend in that certain garment makes consumers profit that certain item and competition builds up through businesses, who have the higher and better and popular garment that is trending but do most designers realize that certain garment will repeat in life and what if that cycle of that garment does not last long, I will give you an example, crop tops have been trending everywhere and now you see flared and baggy jeans are becoming a bigger trend these days and they are making an impact in life and coming back as a new trend when that garment was developed a long time ago now that recycle of that garment is coming back as a trend again. What will designers do after that garment will they continue to bring back every trend that will recycle every time in life or will they be able to keep making a new designs and create a new look? But safe to say fashion is good but can also be bad for the environment. The chemicals and the things we take from the environment to make the color and material in each garment we are designing with our own creativity. And our work must have a contribution to giving back to the environment and set an example for others.

Not only fashion is the cause to the environment, but also other workforces that are polluting and harming and not giving back to the ecosystem. In life, we take those things that the earth has given us for granted and we need to resolve a better way and healthier way that we can contribute and also be able to live in life with the things we do to the ecosystem. Life has taught me so much, I went from an athlete not caring about stuff like this and now I’m a college understanding and learning the meaning of life and the things we take granted, I can use the materials in my garments but I must contribute in what I took and give back to life if I can’t do that then how am I educating others to do the same, everyone follows in one another’s footsteps and others look to an idol. Why not set an example and make an impact on society. As Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” We can tell you that this needs to be done but does everyone remember, if we teach you the meaning of sustainability and life together you will remember and learn, and if I get you involved in the meaning of life and how we take it for granted you will learn so much more than you can believe. So I wanna say be an example set a point of view in life cause to remember the ones that are living how we were at a young age they need a future but that generation can be taught they will remember our words and what we taught them, once they are educated then they will get involved with us and pass it along with the generation as all of us grow older too. So remember a wise person once told me “Treat the world equally and don’t take life for granted, live it to the fullest and contribute in giving back cause you never know how strong mother nature may get.” So live life to the fullest and don’t take anything for granted and educate, contribute, learn, teach, set an example, and most of all live life in a better way for everyone.


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Hi! My name is Kristina Jo Holmes and my pronouns are she/her. I am a freshman and I am majoring in Fashion Design and Production. Thank you!
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