Blog 10

From the older individual that came to talk to the merchandising group I learned that he likes to be active outside, but he does not usually go shopping for clothes unless he is out and happens to come across something that he really likes. He typically buys the same cargo shorts because he likes that there is so much room for him to put the things he likes to carry around. When he goes into a store he likes the layout to be simple and clear for him to get around and find what he needs in the store. He does not want to have to walk around forever to find what he wants or needs. In response to this, for the final project, my group is going to focus on the store layout and how to make it an easy and comfortable way of getting around the store. We are going to use the biophilic sustainable outlook for our project because it will create a calming and welcoming environment. Another one that will be used is the empathic design because we are using the information given to us to create something that will directly help and effect someone else.

I liked all of the LOLA shows that were presented, they were all very well thought out and I enjoyed hearing all the ones presented on Thursday. There were three that stood out to me, one of them was the “Adventure Time,” G&E has special CAT scan machines that are decorated to look like something else as to not scare the children that have to lay in these machines. These machines can be scary and loud, many times the only way a parent can get their child to do the scan is to sedate them which can cost a lot of money. By making the machines look like, pirate ships, spaceships, and other things it makes the child feel comforted and unafraid. Another one that I really liked was the one about Patagonia, I like the brand and I like that they take pride in making clothes that are not only used to be in the environment, but are also made to be environmentally friendly. It is also a really good campaign that they have that makes it easy for customers that buy their clothes they can have them repaired for free anytime they need to. The last one that I thought was interesting was the one about the women giving their wedding dresses away so that the babies that died in the NICU would have something nice to be buried in. This is a very nice way of helping people with a great loss in life. These people that have been affected by this organization is just one less thing that they have to worry about. There is no reason that any child should not be buried in something that is nice and also made to bring comfort to their families.

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