First week of Sustainability

This past week has been really interesting for me especially because of my love for everything involving sustainability. I have thoroughly enjoyed coming to class and discussing not only what I currently know, but learning new information. A big takeaway from this week was that I can now thoroughly explain what sustainability is and how to properly define it in academic terms. Something that really hit me this week is the fact that once one problem may be solved, another will result in a never-ending cycle. This fact thoroughly stresses me out and makes me think that there may be no point to attempting to resolve the issues, but it is the new innovations and information that I have learned that makes me hopeful.


Hearing what my classmates said in discussions and how many of them seem concerned about the state of the environment is uplifting, but also concerning because despite their concerns people still seem to not want to make the difference on their own. The statement said in class, “paralysis by analysis” is very applicable and something that I have always felt but not been able to articulate. Just based on our first class I am extremely excited to further my sustainability knowledge to make a difference in my industry one day.

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