Blog 6

Blog 6



In week 8 we talked about biomimetic approaches to architectural design for sustainability.

This give us an inspirational source of possible new innovation for a more sustainable way of design. This building design mimic living organisms, this is great for us this is very smart. When we look to nature on how to design new structures, it helps us have more useful features to the elements. Like the example of how the building works in the same way as a termite, it produces hydrogen efficiently through meta-genomics. The forms of building may mimic the ecosystem an animal lives in, there are reason why animals live like they do it protects them from harsh elements and Mother Nature.


The discussion over our business canvas really gets your mind to thinking of what business you can come up with in a short amount of time. We learned about how our fast fashion culture is very hard on the earth, I think that it gets overlooked until you actually discuss it like we did in our group. We came up with a business idea of how to reuse the fast fashion pieces and how to partner with a nonprofit shelter for women. I think this would be good in the future to be used in a work setting that we needed to brainstorm quickly to come up with ideas to solve current problems within the workplace.


Ted talk Paul Bennett

He talks about design that it doesn’t have to be grand gestures, it can be small universal ones.

When you are in the hospital all you stare at is the ceiling at the crappy white ceiling tiles and its depressing. That’s all you see for the days you lay there, people don’t even realize it that’s what it’s like to be a patient .It’s not about huge change it’s about making small things happen that will makes a huge difference. He took a little bicycle mirror and they put it on hospital beds, this gave them sort of a rearview mirror to talk and interact with nurses. The good ideas are so staring us in the face that we sometimes miss it completely.  The nurses starting jumping on board to help, they started decorating the ceilings of the patient’s rooms. They changed the entry way into the rooms, so that it signifies a more home life feeling there personal space. The used white boards across the walls to write notes on for the sick patient’s. We assume that if someone else did it that it is okay for us to do it too “If your sister jumps in the lake doesn’t mean you have to too.”


I would like to design interiors of classrooms or bedroom interior for children with ADHD. I chose this because I can relate to, me being an adult with ADHD and once a child. It’s hard because you can be very misunderstood, your mind is always going 100 mph thinking about everything so detailed its overwhelming. I would like to have classroom that was very clean and not cluttered with a lot of stuff, having lots of organization. Having chairs that swivel or move around, when I was in high school I sat on a huge ball. It helped a lot because I could be quietly moving and not disturbing the other students around me. Organization is key when it comes to children with ADHD it helps them think more clearly, their mind is already chaos. They need all the structure they can get in a learning facility with guidance and not a lot of distractions.

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