This week I read about how the market is better than the government in preventing greenhouse gas emissions. I understood the points of the article, but like always I was skeptical. I think I’m just a person that fundamentally believes in the government getting involved when people are doing bad things. I think we should stop these bad things from happening, and I guess what might seem fair from another view point doesn’t really get past me. To me, these industries consciously and continuously polluting the earth isn’t fair. So, in my perfect world the government would say something along the lines of “you’re not allowed to do this, so figure out how to do it differently or you’ll be shut down.” Obviously this is unrealistic and extreme, but that’s how I just feel about a lot of things that make me upset. In the article they talked about being taxed as a consequence of polluting, but everyone will always still pay it. What I have learned from this class is that this problem is urgent, so I think urgent measures should be taken.

On Friday we did a mindfulness meditation with a recording playing during it. At first I thought I would hate it and it would do nothing. However, when she said to imagine you 5 or 10 years from now, I immediately felt something. She instructed me to tell my older and more mature self about what was bothering me. That day I was very upset about the most insignificant boy issue that I will probably ever deal with. A boy I know that I will struggle to remember his name probably past graduation. This problem is so trivial, along with so many other things I find myself worrying about all day. She said to envision my older self telling me today that everything is ok and to give me advice on the matter. I felt so foolish. I felt such relief. I actually started crying. Granted, I am an incredibly over-emotional person. I felt at peace and the worry I was feeling was lifted. Something I have already been telling myself a lot lately is that “in 5 years, this, he, and everything right now will only be a funny memory,” and it is so helpful in easing my anxiety.

The 11th hour has been a very interesting and eye opening movie for me. It has seriously made me stop and think about how my actions and everyone else’s directly affect the environment and the world around us. I think it might make a difference if everyone was required to take a course like this, not for our professions but for our duty as citizens of this planet. Maybe it might make everyone care just a little bit more. I was talking to this guy on a first date one time and he expressed how he wanted a big family. I said I only wanted maybe one kid, and added how the world is already overpopulated enough. He said, “yeah I know, but I don’t care enough to change what I’m doing.” That got to me so much. Not everyone knows. Some people are in denial, but more people know we have problems. The problem is that people don’t care enough. It needs to be said so much they are forced to care. In class we discussed who would be the group to start making these changes. We pretty much agreed it would be the people. I think the people have the power to make a change, as we have in history before. The common factor was everyone unified over the same cause. We must ALL care.

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