Blog #2 Mindfulness, Sustainability, and Meditation

I want to first start with the sustainability and mindfulness reading we had. What I got out of the reading is being mindful will lead to sustainability. But, what is mindfulness? It is just being aware and that is where the meditation comes in. When you meditate you are trying to slow down and see the world in a new way or angle. You re-center yourself with nature and the ecosystem and that is when you become enlightened. Recently since starting this class and learning about what meditation can do for you, I’ve been considering it. I know myself and I know at times I am lazy and definitely not eco-friendly and I want to take the opportunity from this class to learn what I can do better, which all can start small by meditating. Secondly, I want to talk about our meditation we did in class. I can not really remember the ladies name we did the meditation with, but I did do the meditation we did. Nevertheless, while we did it I closed my eyes and just listened to her voice. It was very soothing and reminded me of a time I had senior year when I was having a period of time with stress. During that time, I used Headspace and would walk around where I lived and listen and just try to slow down my life at a time it was going full speed. It just gave me memories to that time and how I should probably do meditations again.

The third think I want to briefly discuss is the ted talk with Marc Cohen. I found it very interesting in the point of WEllness and Illness. What I understood or took away from that idea is that WE are happy and better in this world when you think collectively instead of when you think of just yourself, which is the Illness. I saw it as if individuals were more focused and thought about the world as a whole and people were more mindful, we would be able to think better for ourselves. Next, the 11th hour documentary we had to watch last Tuesday. One thing I wanted to say about it before I breakdown my thoughts, the documentary was very hard to follow in my opinion. Now with that out of the way, I did somewhat enjoy it, it was very informative. What I took away from it and what I believe to be the point of the film was to bring awareness to the decline of our ecosystem and to bring awareness. The film also gave some ideas and philosophies for helping our ecosystem and helping the world for the better. Lastly, I want to talk about Activity 2. It was connected to the 11th hour film and broke down the problems of the world that the film talked about and we answered a few questions. For instance, we described the problem, gave and undefined solution to that problem, and then checkmark whether the problem had no end point, was irreversible, urgent, or unique. On the last part of the activity we selected one problem we found in the 11th hour film that was not on the activity sheet.

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