My Journey in Opening my Eyes to Wicked Problems

I have been able to contribute to my classmates throughout the course in a couple of ways. One of the most important concepts that I feel I have stressed to my classmates was sustainable design. My intake on this problem as to not assume clothing and different fashion aspects will not be in style forever. We shall not assume that people will want the same clothing design for ten plus years. Therefore we need to have a plan for what will happen to those clothes and different designs in three to five years when the consumer does not want it anymore. Is there a recycling system or will it just go into the trash to create more waste? This concept goes along with furniture too. For example, hotels are always changing their design every five to seven years. Where does all of this waste go? When designing different products we need to think about producing it as sustainable as possible so if it does go to waste, which most likely it will at some point, that it will be sustainable enough to be recycled then used to create another product that is in style that season. This will reduce the waste problem and also the problem of overproducing using too many products. If all of us as citizens can learn this concept of recycling when we want to get rid of something, this will significantly help the environment. Explaining this to my classmates was important to me because I feel as if we are all very capable of this concept and it can be an easy switch. 

 My major takeaways from this course are just simply that we need to be aware of what is going on in the world and environment around us. The way the world and more specifically the United States, is using materials and resources is not going to last very long. With that being said we need to be more aware of the energy consumption, overproduction causing too much waste, and water usage we take in every day and need to continue to find solutions to fix these wicked problems. I have heard of these problems in the past before this course but I have never known to what extent these problems are and how serious we need to take them. I am taking away that since I am fully aware of theses problems it is now my responsibility to inform others and more importantly my inner circle about these wicked problems. I can not know about a huge problem or problems and not do anything to help make a significant impact and that starts with educating the people around me. Another takeaway I have gained from this course is that there needs to be a change in design and more specifically the materials we use to build and then the materials wasted. With Interior Design being my field of choice, I will then take the information I know about building more efficiently and overall better buildings for the environment. Using natural and renewable materials is one way I can make a difference in my career later on down the road, as well as coming up with new designs to better the environment when building or remodeling. 

 One problem I am really interested in learning more about would be to make buildings more efficient in a sense of putting something back into the earth. For example, using solar panels on the top of buildings to produce energy for that specific building and to conserve energy. Also learning about how to build with materials made out of recyclable material, but how to also make them just as durable and sturdy as the materials that are being used now. That is important to think about when building because if they are not durable, later on down the road that is going to lead to demolition and then produce waste that is just simply unneeded. I would like to be educated on how to make architecture materials and different ideas on how to improve the environment while building and do no harm. I will be doing some research about this topic and problem so I will then be educated for the future when it comes time for me to get to put my design skills to the test and bring my ideas to real life. I am going to do my absolute best when making my designs eco-friendly and sustainable as well as only use product for the inside of my buildings with sustainable furniture, and other design aspects. I am also interested in learning about how to create my materials to use when building and perfecting in the quantity of how much materials are going to be put into one building so there is no chance in ordering or producing too much, therefore, creating waste. How can I make materials from previous buildings that have been demoed and repurposing those products to make something new? 

 My ability to impact a positive change in my circle of influence is something I will only know over time. I can continue to inform how important and how serious we need to be taking these wicked problems and hope they will understand as well as I do after taking this course. Not only will telling possibly be impactful on my inner circle but so will showing. Documentaries and different resources will be in my great favor when expressing how significant deforestation, energy consumption, excessive waste, water use, pollution, and many other problems are. I am excited to recommend the movie 11th Hour to help show important facts that I would not be able to express on my own. This movie opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of the earth and environment for the better. I will now be thinking of ways I can make a change in my everyday life, even if it is just little things. This will help me create a good habit in thinking through everything I buy, what I can recycle, and what I am wasting. With starting by making small changes in my life now, this will help me make an even better and bigger impact in the future. 

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