Yay! Field Trip!

    Recently, my class took a field trip to the sustainability office. Even though I did not know this place existed, I still assumed OSU had something like it. The visit was interesting! The upholstery shop was cool to me because I love seeing things go from old to new or broken to fixed. I thought it was neat how they used old fabrics and materials to recreate or even upcycle old furniture. The placing of this building is kinda unique; it is right on the edge of campus and hidden to most students who have no idea what the building is used for! It is crazy how I didn’ t even know that this place existed and yet they are the reason the furniture in my dorm is sturdy and the things I use on a daily basis look so well-kept. If the hard work that I saw didn’t exist, OSU would not be saving money by repurposing old furniture, and honestly, the furniture may even make the campus look less presentable. I am so thankful for the men and women who spend their day there working to make our campus more sustainable. 

    I was truly inspired by the upholstery shop because in the future I want to make sure that I try and upcycle things of my own instead of wasting resources. One day, when I am a designer for a company, I want to be able to take old furniture and make it look brand new and incorporate it into my designs. 

 I also learned many things about how OSU’s campus is sustainable. One thing I learned was about how the buses run on a certain type of fuel that is good for the air. Also, it was interesting that the roof of the student union collects rainwater and uses it to water the garden in front of the union. I thought it was cool that the chef at Rancher’s uses some of the produce from the garden as well. I think I can add a couple of these practices to my daily life in order to go along with how well OSU is at being sustainable. I can choose to not idle in my car and maybe even walk to places. 

At the recycling center, I found out that they actually condense the paper and cardboard and sell it! This whole process kinda reminded me of the disney movie “Wallie,” where the Earth has become a wasteland and people decide to move to space. The movie’s main character, Wallie, is a tiny robot who neatly organizes the waste by condensing it into tiny cubes and creating buildings and roadways out of them! This movie came out when I was a kid, so let’s hope that society knows what’s in our future if we don’t act sustainably!!

    How can we as students act more sustainably if technology is only becoming more advanced and the resources we are using are not good for the environment? How will we change our ways if these things are increasing faster than we can think of a solution? 

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