Sustainability and the Poor

This week we continued to talk about sustainability and the effects is has on the poor. For my  reading, I was assigned to the “NO” article. While reading this article I was somewhat taken back by the use of the words poor people. The “NO” article talked about different ways that may be beneficial or helpful to those who live in poverty. Unfortunately when we discussed this with our groups I was unable to hear thanks to my lack of computer skills. I feel as though I would have agreed more with the “YES” side of things. When I read my article it was hard to really point out what they were talking about. I felt as though they jumped around and had all these alternatives to “help” but in reality it sounded as though they were  insulting those who do not make large incomes. In my opinion I think we should all be able to help each other out no matter the circumstances we live in. 

A major takeaway I  had from this topic was the fact that the use of poor people was used so often. I do not identify people based off of their income or living situations. It is obvious that there is an issue with the way we run our economy. It can be difficult for those who do live in poverty to live a normal life where they do not have to stress day to day about what their next meal may be. I feel like we should all be able to work together to create a world where we can live equally  and all enjoy the beautiful things in life. Realistically looking at this I do not believe that it will ever happen, but a girl can dream. Sharing resources would be a perfect example to live in a world with less stress. 

This week I was unable  to reflect on mindfulness. I had a lot to accomplish this week and did not manage my time well enough to actually take care of my well-being. All week I have been grinding on assignments and projects  trying to meet my deadlines. It is obvious to me that I need to learn better time management skills and take care of myself. This weekend I plan on having a girls night to relax and enjoy some time away from class work. I printed out an extra copy of the mandala we were given to color in class on Tuesday, so that I may use it this weekend to meditate and calm  myself. Coloring has always been a good way for me to relax and get my thoughts to clear up. It has been a hobby of mine since I was a child. For me, when I meditate it is a very calming experience. I like to envision this  beautiful scene where I am standing in a garden looking at all the beautiful flowers. There is a waterfall that flows into this pond of clear blue water where I sit and take in the calming essence of water, flowers, and the beautiful sky.

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