How I Have Changed For the Better

During the span of this course, it has taught me so much. It has taught me to be more aware of the earth and the environment around me. I have also learned the importance of staying on task and that I should not rush my work. The main lessons I got from this class is to know your surroundings, take time to care for our beautiful environment, take care of yourself mentally and physically, and to grow out of your comfort zone because you never know what impacts you can make on this earth. This class made me think about all the impacts I have made on the earth, good and bad. It got my gears turning; making me realizing that I have hurt our environment more than I have helped. Although I have guilty feelings over this, there is still always room for improvement to grow. Interior design gives me the opportunity to help my fellow human beings to help create a better way to use and save our resources on earth. As an interior designer I feel as though it is my job to help save our earth. The problem that always comes to my mind is deforestation, being an interior designer I want to be able to find some other type of resource we can use to make this problem lessen.  As I have said before in another post, I do not believe the earth has a lot of time left before everything goes permanently downhill. Although I believe the world does not have a long time left, it does not entitle or make me correct about it. This course has taught me that working together is a key tool in helping solve these wicked problems. I wish that we would have been able to interact with the other students as well as our professor more than what was allowed. I feel like if class  had not been online it could have been a better and more enjoyable learning experience. at the beginning of each class we all got to learn how to meditate. This was  my favorite thing I took away from  the  class.  Naturally, I am a stressed person so to be able to take a few moments out of that day to meditate and relax my mind was amazing. Meditation is something I hope to be able to include in my everyday life. I wish I could have learned more about meditation and the different ways  it could be done. It is something  I would like to further educate myself in so that I may learn how to manage it in my life. Wrapping up the class we finished watching the last thirty minutes of The 11thHour. This movie talked about all the wicked problems we face as an economy. One of the most important points made in this movie was the fact that our earth  only has so long left and if we do not start improving we will be in danger. They state in the movie that we are capable of doing this but if we do not work together it may not get done. The issue is that communication  and beliefs are so different that it takes a strong voice to get it checked off the list of issues at hand. Obviously it is known that deforestation is a major problem in our economy, specifically for me I have a connection to it. my father owns a lumber company so I see the damages from a frontwards perspective. This makes it difficult because something that has done good  for my family  has taken such a hard toll on our environment. It is a conflict that I still  believe needs to be resolved but my job is to figure out how to do this. In our group project we are talking about how interior designers make an impact on deforestation. My inspiration for the idea was from my father’s company. It is a very tricky  topic to figure out. There are many cons that appear such as the fact that many people can lose their jobs if we try to cut back on the use of wood. Ultimately no matter what happens there is going to be conflict and  problems that arise. This topic is very broad and can be debated in  several different ways. At the end of our last class, we talked about what your circle of influence is. A circle of influence is something that concerns you that you can do something about. My opinion about this is that it can be any kind of problem; big or small. It could be anything from global warming to growing your own produce. No matter what problems there are we can always stay positive and grow together in  changing the world. One thing I have done myself is start recycling and using less throw away objects. It was something I always wanted to do growing up but my parents never got into it so I was not able to recycle. Now that I am much older and living on my own it is easy to be able to do  the things I never got to do growing up. Not only am I able to do things like this on my own but I am slowly starting to talk my friends and family into doing it as well. There are many  other things I would love to be doing that I  have not made time for. Recycling  is  something that needs to be done and can be used to recreate sources. As an interior designer my goal is to repurpose homes using mainly  recycled products. I love to go antiquing which is a great way to use recycled products. I hope to start a trend by using antique objects to fully repurpose a home. In  fact, about 80 percent of the objects used in my room at school and back home are reused antique items. It is the same concept as going to a thrift store to buy clothing. 

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