Brownies or No brownies?

How often do you come across wood or wood products in your day to day encounters? We are interact with wood somehow and this is why I am choosing to talk about the super wicked problem of deforestation because we all have a part in it. I love a good steak however beef  demand is linked to deforestation in East Asia and China because forest are being cleared to create open land for commercial farming. I don’t know much about palm oil but according to google palm oil is the most efficient source of vegetable oil which us as Americans consume vegetable oil in the majority of our food, just off the top of my head things I eat that contain vegetable oil is french fries, brownies, granola, salad dressing and many other things that I eat daily. Large plantations of palm oils are destroyed just to produce cooking oil that we don’t necessarily know is healthy for us to consume. Trees are also destroyed to produce a product called wood pulp which is used in paper products and many other textiles. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well guess what, cocoa trees are a part of deforestation. I really had no idea how I contributed daily to deforestation by consuming these products but it really got my attention. I am by no means saying stop consuming meat, oil and chocolate and using paper but more just bringing it to our attention just how much we don’t realize.

On our visit to the sustainability office, upholstery shop and recycling center I learned that it is a new way of things for osu and only has been in existence for a handful of years but we as a university have already done so much. I learned about the process in which the paper and cardboard is processed and bound together after being smashed into squares of material. I thought it was pretty neat that OSU does not purchase fertilizer anymore because we produce our own through a compost pile combined of our own plant matter and horse manure from the round up club. Before the tour Dr. Jayadas told us about the recycling center being completely full of cardboard at one point after OSU move in day and I just think it’s wicked to know that if the recycling center did not exist that the cardboard that one filled the center would most likely have been wasted. My question for the class is how can we limit our footprint on deforestation and attempt to change our ways. 

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